Brian's Radio Collector Site

A collection of fully restored radios from the 1920's, 1930', and 1940's

The radios shown on this site have been fully restored both electrically and cosmetically. They have all been "recapped" and are fully functioning. In most cases the cabinet has been completely refinished in a beautiful high-gloss lacquer finish. Unless otherwise indicated, each of these wonderful pieces of history is for sale and we welcome your interest. Just drop us a note and we can discuss any of the sets to see which of them is right for you.

We are always working on additional vintage/antique radios and related quipment. We'll be adding more sets to the site as they become available. For example, we're currently restoring some extremely rare and beautiful battery sets from the 1920's, one of the first Atwater Kent AC-powered radios, and a very rare wood case Rola Art Deco speaker. Please be sure to come back and see what's new (or contact us directly if you simply can't wait).

We also offer custom restoration services. Please contact us for information about having your vintage set brought back to life.

We have a limited number of vintage, tested tubes available. Please see our Tubes page for more information.

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Crosley 24 AU 3-band Sold!

Fada 241 T Farm Radio Sold!

Hallicrafters Model S-38B Sold!

Hallicrafters Model S-40B Sold!

Hallicrafters Model S-52 Sold!

Hoffman A 300 Sold!

Philco Model 48-360 Sold!

RCA Radiola Model 18 Sold!

Sentinel Model 220 AM/SW Radio Sold!

Sentinel Model 293 Sold!

RCA Radiola 100A Art Deco External Speaker Sold!

RCA Radiola 100B Art Deco External Speaker

Operadio Vintage External Radio Speaker Sold!