RCA Radiola Model 100A Speaker

This beautiful Art Deco speaker for vintage radios has been fully restored and is in excellent working condition. It is approximately 16" wide, 11" high, and 8" deep.

As seen in this ad from 1928, the Radiola 100A speaker is the perfect complement to a vintage radio like the RCA Radiola Model 18.

The case is in very good condition, restored to original appearance. The grill cloth is original and in very good condition with some slight stains on the rear cloth.

The original cloth cord is also in good condition and has the original tips for plugging into the speaker jacks on a vintage set.

This speaker works very well. The RCA Radiola 100A uses a permanent magnet so it does not require any external power to operate.

This speaker is currently available for $150 plus shipping. Sold

It is in very fine condition and would be a wonderful, fully working addition to any collection.

Please contact us with any questions or to inquire if this speaker is still available. We will be most happy to supply any additional details.

We can offer a special package deal if this speaker is purchased with one of our radio sets.