Hoffman A 300

This great 1946 vintage tube has been fully restored and is in excellent working condition. It has a beautiful wood cabinet which is in excellent condition.

This set has been fully electrically restored including recapping. A new speaker was added to replace the original.

All of the tubes are in top condition and the set is fully functional.

As part of the restoration the original power cord was replaced but the vintage plug was retained. In addition, this set was aligned to optimize reception.

The original back is in very good condition including the factory-applied stickers.

This set pulls in many radio stations easily.

This set is currently available for $125 plus shipping. Sold!

It is in very fine condition and would be a wonderful, fully working addition to any collection.

A complete schematic for this unit will be supplied with the unit to aid in any future servicing years from now.

Please contact us with any questions or to inquire if this set is still available. We will be most happy to supply any additional details.