Fada 241 T Farm Radio

This beautiful battery set has been fully restored and is in excellent working condition. The model 241 T is quite rare. In fact, no reference to this model could be found in an extensive search.

The Fada 241 T was what was known as a farm radio--a type of radio made for use on farms before the days of rural electrification. As such, it ran on batteries and was also made to be quite sensitive. As with all radios of the era, it was designed to use an antenna and ground for best reception. This is somewhat larger than today's table radios. It stands approximately 10" tall, 18" wide, and 10 " deep.

All knobs are original. Tuning is very smooth although the dial shows some wear from years of use. The three knobs are on/off-volume, battery saver, and tuning. the battery saver was used to extend the battery life by reducing the amount of power used by the set.

The veneer is in beautiful condition, restored in the original colors with over 10 coats of gloss lacquer top coat. The grill cloth has been replaced with a vintage-style cloth which is a very close match to the original.

This set has been fully electrically restored including recapping. All of the tubes are in top condition.

A modern, isolated 1.5V A and 90V B power supply was designed to fit in the back of the set where the original battery pack would have been placed. The power supply is housed in a hardwood box finished to complement the radio and it makes it much more convenient to operate the radio without making any modifications to the original set. Well filtered and regulated, this power supply will be included so that you can enjoy the radio without the need to purchase hard-to-find batteries.

This set is currently available for $295 plus shipping. Sold!

It is in very fine condition and would be a wonderful, fully working addition to any collection.

A complete schematic for this unit is not available, however a schematic for a similar Fada set will be supplied with the unit to aid in any future servicing years from now.

Please contact us with any questions or to inquire if this set is still available. We will be most happy to supply any additional details.